The DB Dental Timeline

Established 1995

When Janet and David Bennett (AKA mum and dad) set up DB Dental in their bedroom in July 1995, little could they have imagined the exciting journey that lay ahead. Armed with knowledge, experience and more than a bit of grim determination (we suspect), they set about creating a lasting family business.

And what a business it’s become – one that specialises in sale, maintenance and installation of all dental equipment and furniture anywhere in the UK. You can read the full story here or take a quick walk through time to the milestones that have shaped DB Dental into the business it is today:

  • 6/95

    5th July 1995

    David and Janet Bennett set up DB Dental from their cottage in Shibden, working out of their bedroom! Their lounge is regularly full of dental chairs and other equipment and it is a standing family joke that if David needs spare parts, he will raid Nick’s toy box under his bed because that’s where he stashes his quick disconnects!

  • 12/95

    December 1995

    DB Dental add bespoke cabinetry and reception furniture to their offering.

    The company carries out its first installation at Ellesmere Port.

  • 10/96

    October 1996

    With business booming and a rapidly increasing workload, David Bennett is often found working until midnight every week day and all weekend. At this point Ralph Storey joins DB Dental as an engineer to work with David and Nigel, covering the whole of Yorkshire.

  • 5/97

    May 1997

    Things are becoming increasingly cramped in the Bennett House, so the family moves to Horley Green in Halifax, where David and Janet continue to work from home but with more space for the business and the family.

  • 4/99

    April 1999

    April 1999 David, Janet and Ralph fly to Chicago where they meet with Yoshida and establish an agency for Yoshida OPG in the UK.

  • 7/99

    July 1999

    Karen Parker joins the team to help with the increasing orders, invoicing and customer service.

  • 10/00

    October 2000

    DB Dental launches the Autoclave Service Contracts Scheme.

  • 4/01

    April 2001

    During a period of rapid growth, DB Dental moves to business premises at Brighouse, West Yorkshire. Its proximity to major motorway links makes this the ideal location to serve the business’s expanding area. The premises include storage space, a workshop and offices.

  • 5/01

    May 2001

    DB Dental is granted a Takara Belmont Agency, along with other agencies, for reputable industry-recognised brands of dental equipment.

  • 12/01

    December 2001

    Gareth Bennett (David and Janet’s oldest son) joins the family business as an engineer.

  • 4/02

    April 2002

    DB Dental is granted an A-dec dealership.

  • 5/03

    May 2003

    With an expanding network of engineers, and a growing service and maintenance business, Ralph Storey is promoted to Service Manager.

  • 4/04

    April 2004

    DB employs a digital specialist and launches its digital division.

  • 06/04

    June 2004

    Liam (Janet and David’s second son) joins the business after three years’ electrical and installations training at college.

  • 10/05

    October 2005

    Our customers frequently mention that coordinating contractors when planning an installation is a hassle they could do without. In response to this need, DB Dental launches its turnkey installation service, providing previously sub-contracted works such as flooring in-house and managing projects from start to finish. This move to a ‘turnkey’ approach gives the company more control over projects, meaning DB Dental can guarantee a schedule of works and ensure that practices are opened on time.

  • 6/08

    June 2008

    Gareth Bennett moves into a sales and project management role.

  • 8/08

    August 2008

    Nick Bennett (David and Janet’s youngest son) joins the business in an apprenticeship capacity while taking a part-time Electrical Installations course at college.

  • 2/10

    February 2010

    DB Dental completes its thousandth practice refurbishment project.

  • 3/10

    March 2010

    DB Dental expands into a national arena, recruiting in all areas of the business to roll out a plan to offer national coverage.

  • 6/10

    June 2010

    Natalie (David and Janet’s daughter) joins the business to assist with accounts, marketing and business development after three years of study at Leeds University where she graduated with a BA (Hons).

  • 8/10

    August 2010

    DB Dental grants Heka Dental Agency in the UK.

  • 1/11

    January 2011

    DB Dental begins to offer Full Practice Flexible Service Contracts for all dental equipment.

  • 5/11

    May 2011

    DB Dental achieves Eastwood Park Accreditation to validate autoclaves and washer disinfectors to HTM0105.

  • 2/12

    February 2012

    The company expands into veterinary practice design, installation and maintenance.

  • 12/12

    December 2012

    DB Dental completes its first full Veterinary Refurbishment Project for Bob Partridge (Founder of the British Veterinary Dental Association) at Oakbeck Vets in Harrogate.

  • 7/13

    July 2013

    A-dec launches an Accreditation School and DB Dental engineers are awarded A-dec Manufacturer Accreditation.

  • 3/14

    March 2014

    DB Dental is awarded NHS Supply Chain Status.

  • 5/14

    May 2014

    DB Dental installs its first Planmeca CAD-CAM system, along with a full mouth CT system.

  • 7/14

    July 2014

    The company expands into dental microscopes.

  • 1/15

    January 2015

    DB Dental establishesa UK exclusive dealership for Seiler Microscopes.

  • 7/15

    July 2015

    DB Dental is now a team of 23 and celebrates its 20th Anniversary.

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