Let's Talk Digital Dental Units

The advancement of digital technology in our lives can be seen all around us, a great example of this, is the speed of technology change within the car industry. But what has this got to do with dental chairs? UK dentistry is no different than any other industry which is currently embracing the digital revolution. In today’s dentistry the central hub of the practice remains the dental chair and its the dental chair that is experiencing a wealth of digital advancements and upgrades.

Learn about the technology advancements within modern day dental chairs. We take a look at the high tech features of Planmeca dental chairs and explore the scope and benefits of adopting digital technology within the practice.

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“I love the clean lines and the design of the Planmeca chair. When patients walk in they simply state wow.”

Salim Ismail, The Limes Dental (Planmeca Compact I User)
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