WG-99 LT

W&H WG-99 LT Contra

Product number: 30007000

To make it easier to select one of our new Synea straight and contra-angle handpieces, we listened to your requirements and have now developed two new lines perfectly suited to your needs.

Synea Vision: now with innovations such as special scratch-resistant coating.

And Synea Fusion: a series with top quality and maximum economy.

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  • Long life span and quiet running with ceramic ball bearings for model WG-99

  • Optimum access, best view due to small head-sizes

  • Safe cooling with Quattro Spray (4 port spray) for model WG-99

  • Monobloc design for optimum hygiene and ergonomics

  • Compact glass rod for constant light quality

  • Optimised design for secure grip and optimum hygiene

  • Secure grip and easy bur changes

  • Integrated maintenance-free spray filter for top water quality

  • Can be connected to all ISO motors

  • Thermo washer disinfectable and sterilizable

  • 24 months warranty

Technical Specification

  • Light: Compact Glass rod

  • Head size: Ø 10 mm

  • Head height: 22.5 mm (with bur 19 mm)

  • Transmission/reduction: 1:5

  • Max Speed: 40,000 rpm

  • Max. operating part diameter: 2.5 mm

  • Max. length: 25mm

  • Coupling: ISO 3964

  • Spray: 4-hole (> 50ml/min)

  • Intensity of illumination: 25,000 Lux

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