Turnkey Installation Service

Designing a new practice or refurbishing your existing premises can be a huge undertakingif you’re trying to manage and coordinate lots of separate services, such as planning applications, building works, flooring, decorating, installation of dental equipment, and so on. Just the thought of managing multiple contractors with multiple ideas, questions and invoices is enough to make anyone’s head spin.

DB Dental is different. We can take all this stress away.

We provide a truly turnkey installation service, where every single aspect of designing and building or refurbishing a dental practice is handled by us. This service includes everything from:

  • Auto-CAD 2D and 3D designs
  • planning and change of use planning applications
  • building works
  • flooring
  • sourcing and installing dental equipment, decontamination equipment and digital imaging equipment
  • bespoke cabinetry and furniture, including reception desks and custom-built fish tanks
  • sign writing
  • and much, much more

With our turnkey installation service, we look after you from start to finish. Call us out of hours if you have a question, meet us early in the morning before you start seeing patients or later in the evening when your last appointment is done – we fit with your business.

What to expect

When you use our turnkey installation service, you have the idea or vision for your practice and we put it all together for you to create a stunning and functional business premises.

Because we provide all of the above services, and others, rather than relying on third parties, we are easily and confidently able to create and manage a schedule of works, coordinating everyone so that your installation happens within the agreed timeframe.

You have a single project manager, available to you whenever you need their support, and you pay a single invoice.

This project manager will assess the quality of each element throughout the installation to ensure our excellent workmanship and keep snagging to an absolute minimum upon completion.

We can help with equipment selection, aftercare, and we offer different finance solutions –delivered through Braemar Finance and Performance Finance - to help you manage the costs of the build or refurbishment. For example, we can offer start-up dental practices low initial repayments that go up as your business becomes more established, or we can build monthly repayments into your bespoke service contract .

We offer an exceptional range of leading dental equipment, providing a variety of brands that all offer something different – the final choice rests with you. Many of our products are produced in Finland and Copenhagen, and we can even fly you to the manufacturers so that you can see the products being created.

  • A truly turnkey installation service
  • One project manager and one invoice
  • We turn your idea for your practice into a reality
  • An excellent range of leading dental equipment
  • A range of flexible finance solutions
  • Out of hours support and advice
  • We can coordinate every aspect of the build or refurbishment from planning to completion
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