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The UNIC was designed by internationally renowned designer, David Lewis, to enhance the whole dental experience for both dentist and patient. This unique design is perfect for anyone who appreciates contemporary design, ultimate patient comfort and outstanding ergonomics.

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The UNIC enhances the whole dental experience for dentist, nurse and patient. When David Lewis designed the UNIC, the aim was to introduce something familiar and homely into the dental surgery that would create a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.

Rigid, clinical designs were eliminated and replaced with sweeping, organic shapes, the curved surface and the s-shaped top and stylish furnishings.

Focus on detail: The smallest of detail defines good or bad design; this is why Heka have paid attention to every single detail.

Designed for wellbeing: UNIC ensures optimal contact between the dentist and patient. With all the instruments at hand, the dentist can work effectively and continuously without losing contact with the patient. This creates a calm working atmosphere which is reassuring and relaxing to the patient.

Lightweight: UNIC is proof that a treatment centre need not be heavy or clumsy. The entire UNIC treatment centre appears to be hovering in space.

Minimalist on the surface, functional and flexible beneath: All that does not need to be visible is deliberately hidden away. The instrument table is effectively minimalist without any paraphernalia or unnecessary gadgets.

Designed in perfect balance: The UNIC’s arm hides the cables, water and air lines behind its light but hard-wearing surface of anodised aluminium. The big joints move with precision in every direction, despite the various strains they come under from the instrument table, monitor, x-ray unit and light. The result is an arm with optimal balance.

Simple technology creates a simple working procedure: The instruments table’s handle is fully integrated with the UNIC’s display and touch pads. It is easy to find by both eye and hand – even when your attention is elsewhere. With a light touch on the cuspidor touch pad, the suction stops, the operating light goes off and the patient’s chair adjusts to the rinsing position. Meanwhile, the glass fills with water. By touching the cuspidor touch pad again, the patient’s chair returns to its previous working position.

Comfortable chair: A relaxed patient creates ideal working conditions.

  • Outstanding design by internationally renowned designer, David Lewis
  • Available with Traditional or Continental delivery system
  • On the Continental unit, each instrument arm is perfectly balanced and the extra long silicon hoses ensure ergonomically correct working positions
  • Unique patented round foot control can be activated from any direction with either the right or left foot, releasing you from any fixed working posture
  • Automatic water rinsing system for the instruments
  • Automatic suction hose cleaning system, activated by simply pressing a touch pad. This enables suction hoses to be disinfected either between patients or continuously throughout the treatment
  • The spittoon can be moved and offers easy access for one or two assistants
  • Sterile water system for mounting on tray adaptor
  • Individual placement of up to three joysticks enables the dentist and their assistant to maintain ideal working postures


  • Over-the-patient delivery system
  • Side arm delivery system Footcontrol:
  • Standard foot control
  • Variable foot control Instruments:
  • Turbine module Multiflex, fibre optic
  • Fibre optic motor module, including Bien Air micro motor 40.000 rpm
  • Brushless micro motor, including digipad
  • Fibre optic motor module, including NSK Ti-Max micro motor 40.000 rpm Syringe module:
  • UNIC three-function syringe
  • Luzanni 3-in-1 function syringe
  • Luzanni 6-in-1 function syringe
  • Luzanni 7-in-1 function syringe with light
  • Suprasson ultrasonic scaler module
  • Piezon ultrasonic scaler
  • UNIC Light Polymerisation module
  • Intraoral camera module, Sopro 595 and Sopro 717 (excluding software)
  • Intraoral camera module, UNIC excluding software
  • Monitor including lamp adaptor (s-vhs, pal and normal connection)
  • Single tray
  • Double tray
  • X-Ray monitor for mounting on tray holder Water treatment:
  • Water supply with air gap
  • Integrated water disinfection with auto-dosage (micro-organism reduction)
  • Bottle system
  • Automatic water rinsing system for instruments
  • Hygienic airation, automatic emptying of water from tubes
  • Sterile water system for surgical procedures Cuspidor:
  • Manual/automatic movement
  • Selective suction (two hoses) on telescopic arm
  • Selective suction (two hoses) on patient chair
  • Automatic suction hose cleaner
  • UNIC 3-in-1 function syringe on telescopic arm
  • Luzanni 3-in-1 function syringe on telescopic arm
  • Luzanni 6-in-1 function syringe on telescopic arm
  • UNIC 5W Light Polymerisation module
  • Water heater for glass and instrument table
  • Quick coupling for suction
  • Quick coupling for water and air
  • Durr amalgam separator, including automatic separation
  • Durr spittoon valve
  • X-Ray adaptor for mounting X-Ray on unit
  • Plug for 220 V mounted on unit
  • UNIC EDI operating light 25000 lux, 5000 Kelvin OR
  • UNIC EDI operating light 25000 lux, 5000 Kelvin with sensor

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