A-dec 500

A-dec 500

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A-dec 500 delivers ultimate comfort for both the patient and dental team, combined with legendary A-dec reliability. The A-dec 500 range delivers ultimate ergonomics supported by a full range of integrated possibilities which can be tailored to the individual. DB Dental would recommend A-dec 500 for all specialist dental applications.

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Exceptional patient comfort: Pamper your patients with the A-dec 500 dental chair. Through the science of pressure mapping, the unique cushioning reduces pressure points and provides comfortable support across the patient’s entire body. Motion is also critical to your patient’s comfort. The A-dec 500 dental chair synchronises the chair movement with the natural motion of the patient. This ‘virtual pivot’ keeps the patient from having to readjust when the chair is lowered or raised.

Unsurpassed access: The A-dec 500 dental chair’s ultra-thin backrest and slim-profile headrest provide more leg room under the chair so you can position the patient low enough to gain ergonomic access to the oral cavity. The result? Less strain and fatigue.

True integration: Easily integrates all the latest technology. Get comfortable access to your handpieces, ultrasonic instrument, curing light, and intraoral camera. Integrate one or two electric handpieces and get full digital control of endodontic functions with the A dec 500 deluxe touchpad.

Centralised dental operatory control: The A-dec 500 deluxe touchpad and foot control work together for easy access to handpiece, accessory, chair, dental light, and cuspidor functions. You can even control other electrical devices such as your operatory lights or monitor.

Total waterline maintenance solution: By combining an innovative two-litre water bottle, a control block design that eliminates standing water, AlphaSan tubing, and the revolutionary ICX waterline treatment tablet, A-dec offers everything you need for worry-free waterline maintenance.

Flexible positioning: Get optimal instrument placement for two- and four-handed dentistry. Pivoting holders allow your assistant to independently position the syringe, vacuum instruments, and other devices where they’re the most comfortable and accessible.

Exceptional range of motion: Both the short- and long-arm A-dec 500 assistant’s instrumentation offer nearly unlimited positioning on either side of the chair.

  • Fully ambidextrous treatment centre
  • Outstanding comfort and support, plus an ultra thin (25mm) backrest for optimal oral cavity access and increased leg room
  • Seamless or sewn upholstery choices
  • Easy ancillary integration to meet the changing needs in dentistry
  • Anatomically shaped contours reduce patient pressure points
  • Self-contained two-litre quick disconnect water bottle
  • Exceptional range of motion improves access, visibility and posture
  • Integrated touchpad to give you easy control of chair, spittoon and dental light
  • Five-year warranty
  • Lifting capacity 28.5 stone

A-dec 500 Ambidextrous Treatment Centre with 571 unit mounted operating light. Chair mounted delivery system consists of 511 dental chair features include:

  • Double articulating and sliding headrest
  • Four pre-set positions, Last-Position memory (LP) and Auto-Return
  • Synchronised soft start/stop
  • Multi-positioning left and right armrests Chair-mounted delivery system features include:
  • Height-adjustable delivery system with pneumatic break
  • Easy-clean membrane for touchpad
  • Three-way autoclavable syringe
  • Three handpiece outlets with individual air and water control
  • Fibre optics to all handpiece outlets
  • Handpiece line flush out system
  • Handpiece oil collector
  • Standard tray holder Chair-mounted spittoon features include:
  • Stain resistant vitreous china bowl
  • 90 degree +/- rotation
  • Cup fill and bowl rinse operation from touchpads
  • Assistant’s console and touchpad with balanced positioning
  • Assistant three-way autoclavable syringe
  • Easily detached HVE & saliva ejector Chair-mounted 511 operating light features include:
  • Excellent colour rendering index
  • Auto on/off
  • 5000 Kelvin
  • Third axis of rotation
  • Spare bulb A-dec 500 options:
  • LED Light
  • Sewn upholstery
  • Continental delivery
  • Dual HVE and long assistant arm
  • Electric motor
  • Scaler
  • Intraoral camera
  • Curing light
  • Monitor mount

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